International Hermeneutics conference, 20.-27.03.2013

From the 20th to the 27th of March 2013, the Lutheran World Federation holds its second International Hermeneutics conference in Eisenach very close to the Wartburg castle, the famous place in Germany where Luther translated the New Testament into German. This conference will focus on the Psalms. It builds on the first conference that was based on John. These hermeneutical conferences belong to a series of consultations meant to help the LWF to assess and develop a shared hermeneutical framework for its member churches, its theological institutions and for clarity in engaging its ecumenical partners towards the 2017 anniversary of the Reformation.

The first consultation focused on the relationship between the biblical text in its context, the readers in their context, and the possibility of using the broad Lutheran theological heritage as a reading lens. It was observed that there was need to strengthen the ecumenical component and also give emphasis to readings that would relate to socio-political and spiritual renewal of the church and society. The conference is meant to bring together outstanding theological scholars and leading representatives of churches from different regions of the world. We are in the process of identifying scholars specialized in Psalms as well as in hermeneutics. I have been referred to you. I am requesting you if you will be willing to be one of our key speakers for the conference. The following thematic issues are to be considered in designing the program:

- Origin and historical contexts of the Psalms and the Psalms (Old Testament, Judaism)

- Reception and interpretation of the Psalms in the New Testament (New Testament)

- Luther's interpretation of Psalms (Church History, Systematic Theology)

- Royal Psalms and Leadership (Biblical Theology, Practical Theology)

- Justice and injustice in the Psalms (Biblical Theology, Ethics)

- Psalms and Worship (community mobilization) (Systematic Theology, Practical Theology)

- Spiritual life based on the Psalms (Systematic Theology, Practical Theology)