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International Conference "Refining Trust. Palestine in Comparative Perspective”, St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge (UK), 9th -10th March, 2018


Dr. Zeina Barakat,  post postdoctoral researcher and teaching associate at the Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies (JCRS), Friedrich- Schiller- University Jena and Maria Palme, PhD candidate (Jena/ Europa-University Flensburg) are invited to participate the International Conference on "Refining Trust. Palestine in Comparative Perspective". More than fifteen highly reputed experts will join the meeting on 9th and 10th of March, 2018 at St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge, (UK). This conference, led by Professor Ralf Wüstenberg and co-sponsored by the DAAD/ Von Hugel Institute, Cambridge Research Hub for German Studies and the Europa-University Flensburg  will focus on comparative international case studies  of South Africa, Northern Ireland, Germany, Rwanda, South Korea etc. to discuss key questions on political reconciliation theories and practices post 1989, taking into account conditions, methods and long-term measures with particular perspective on Palestine. What are the demands of both conflictual parties to achieve a stage where they can develop a wish of nation building? Can comparative analysis be used as blue print for the struggle of justice and reconciliation in Palestine?


In her presentation, Dr. Barakat introduces the Arab-Israeli conflict, shedding a light on the historical, political and social roots. She outlines moral arguments of each conflict party, analyzes factors of failed peacemaking processes and finally shows up potential of reconciliation practices on the conflict area.

Ms. Palme will give first hand insights into the comparative case study of South Korean Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the reconciliatory efforts and obstacles in Reunified Germany after 1989.


See Webpage: https://www.vhi.st-edmunds.cam.ac.uk/research/current-projects/refining-trust



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